My self-awareness journey helped me recognise and accept, who I am and where my strengths lie. Simple as this sounds, for a long time, I resisted looking too closely in the mirror. I didn't think I would like who I saw. My doubts and fears turned me away until I finally reached a point in my life when I just knew that it was time to make a choice; keep pretending I was living the life I wanted or, be honest and take responsibility for making the most of life. With my decision, life got better and placed me on the path I was truly intended for: education. 

I used many tools to grow my self-awareness, but of them all, the enneagram proved to be the most valuable. I now use it as a framework for educating people who want deeper insights about their own strengths. I match people's personalities with their life purpose so when they wake up in the morning, it's with a sense of anticipation about their day ahead! This is immensely rewarding because this is how my days feel now. I remember how it was before I got here, and I would love for everyone to live out their passions too. 

My second passion connects me to my strengths of planning, strategising and researching. I believe a profound transformation is required in our school education system. My aspiration is creating policies that prioritise people, and our planet. Helping our children learn values like honesty, responsibility, awareness and emotional intelligence feels deeply important to me. Every day I am driven by this goal.

The broad experiences I’ve enjoyed in my life finally made sense to me when I understood my personal strengths. These experiences helped me see many different perspectives, and now I value the rich diversity different people contribute to our world. If you would like to know more about your strengths, let’s make sense of them together. 

Yvonne Letton

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