Physics of the Universe is my lifestyle, my life’s work . It is how I assist others in discovering their true identity.

Physics of the Universe is my practiced lifestyle, a lifestyle that improves and sustains health and well-being on all levels. I have been aware of the presence of Source in my life from my earliest years, I did not always know/understand who/what I was
communicating with, I only knew it was a part of me.
My life has been a Self-Discovery Tour, an unfolding of many opportunities to play with freedom of choice, to come to understand the true meaning of these. words. Freedom of Choice - now or later - through choice cause and effect always follows. Oh yes... I have tested, played, resisted my internal
teachers along the way!


What I have realised is the information has always been / is always correct. The techniques are simple, so simple, as my teachers say - the hard part is someone wanting to change. I have experienced, at
times mind blowing, profound results. There are many
layers to embracing the totality of Self, to discover the true essence of Self, through practiced repetition, vigilance, non-judgement.

My results, through practiced non-judgement, vigilance, repetition - I live a vibrant healthy life, no suffering. I Love Knowing the difference between a designed reality and Divine reality - Knowing how to create my reality, easily and effortlessly. I Love Living Consciously with Joyful Intent, Living as a Conscious Creator, utilising the principles of Universal Lore.

Talia Loma

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