Physics of the Souls Is my lifestyle, my life's work . It is how I assist others in discovering their true identity.

Physics of the Soul is my practiced lifestyle, a lifestyle that improves and sustains health and well-being on all levels. I have been aware of the presence of Source in my life from my earliest years, I did not always know/understand, who/what I was communicating with, I only knew it was a part of me.

My life has been a Self Discovery Tour, an unfolding of many opportunities to play with freedom of choice, to come to understand the true meaning of these words. Freedom of Choice - now or later - through choice cause and effect always follows.


Oh yes... I have tested, played, resisted my internal teachers along the way! What I have realised is the information has always been/is always correct. The techniques are simple, so simple, as my teachers say - the hard part is someone wanting to change.


I have experienced with at times mind blowing, profound results. There are many layers to embracing the totality of Self, to discover the true essence of Self, through practiced repetition, vigilance, non-judgement. My results, through practiced non-judgement, vigilance, repetition - I live a vibrant healthy life, no suffering. I Love Knowing the difference between a designed reality and Divine reality - Knowing how to create my reality, easily and effortlessly. I Love Living Consciously with Joyful Intent, Living as a Conscious Creator, utilising the principles of Universal Lore.

Talia Loma

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