As an intuitive empath, I have developed an integrated approach to helping others find their own authentic voice.


I am a multi-passionate creator who has developed my own authentic expression through a variety of forms throughout most of my career. I enjoy helping others awaken to the same joy and pleasure that creativity and authenticity unlocks in my life.

‘’When we can be ourselves, it is possible for art - and anything else we do - to flow naturally, compassionately and wisely.”

By helping my clients move into a more high energy, expansive state, I can help you access new ways of a looking at a problem to find solutions. I believe the ability to engage your creative self can help you in every area of your life!

Lori Satterthwaite

M 027 947 3872

E lori@lolamediadesign.com


“Lori equals excellence on all levels! From planning through to delivery, the process was smooth and easy with just the right amount of guidance. From someone who’s not overly comfortable in front of the camera, your playfulness and sensitivity made the whole experience relaxed, fun and in all honesty, magical! Thank you for capturing so many incredible images, you exceeded all of my expectations! Look no further than Lola Media."

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