My transitional journey began when I was 13, my Mum told us that my Dad had a job interview in a different city. I recall this memory because, at that time, I didn’t understand what this meant. I now see these challenges in life as our gateway to transition.


Transitions happen so we can move towards new experiences. I define transition as those moments of clarity, imagining how things could be - even when the next thing brings confusion or instability. However, you know that from that moment forward, you are no longer in the same space. You’ve already changed.


Over my teenage years, my circumstances did change, and so too my will. My deconstruction process started as early as my 14th birthday - my understanding of how I perceive myself and my life. For a long time, I tried to fit, be what my parents wanted me to be, just a little bit. I stretched, and that is how my journey began. My transitions put me on the move and into a cumulous of experiences, places, people, food, colours, feelings and opportunities to live and work in 5 different countries. Travel filled my desire and curiosity for understanding that our lives are experienced through our senses. I have allowed me to be free to explore my humanity, my dreams and hopes. To fully understand that what makes my heartbeat is the possibility that maybe a word, my silence, my presence, or my journey on this planet can help one person to fulfil their purpose, to find and love themselves, wholly and completely. To see their beautiful soul, persona and body integrated, having a voice.


I have walked the path of repressing and transitioned through to allowing my emotions, ideas and dream to come of fruition. I know it is not a short cut; I know there is a hard way and an easy way. But I surrender, I choose to go through it, because you can’t go over or under. Facing it is the way.


My purpose is to walk with you through your discovery process of ever-evolving, ever-changing self, finding things that work for you. The journey has begun, and mastering those transitions is the art of working through the shadow you want to escape. Would you like to know what that shadow is giving you, besides your fear? Be playful and curious, here is the transition invite; Shall we?

Gaby Grimaldo

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