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The strength of the team is each member. The strength of each member is the team.

The Enneagram

is an insightful personality tool we use to map our individual communication style


The enneagram shows us the nine different ways people see the world

and experience life.


These different ways of seeing the world also mean that we communicate with a certain style that is unique to our personality.


Understanding how your personality influences your communication style enables you to understand how you communicate, and how to adapt to different situations.

Take the test to find your Enneagram number and communication style or click here to read more.







Enthusiastic Storyteller


Epic, Conciliatory

Lullaby, Lament


Through this learning opportunity I learnt/recognised something new about myself and I especially enjoyed the opportunity to chat about it and recieve feedback from these lovely ladies. The information we have recieved from them so far is awesome and something I'd love to look into further for my own growth game. I came out feeling really positive so thank you!

I really enjoyed this workshop, it was very enlightening. I found the part about instincts very interesting because even though I had heard of them before I never really knew much about them.I want to say thank-you to them as this workshop helped me to understand a little bit more about myself and made a few things clearer to me. It helped me see what I couldn't see myself in some aspects which is great.

First and foremost, both Yvonne and Ines were awesome presenting a chilled, relaxed and happy/fun atmosphere during the session. They helped me understand thoroughly what my personality is from a holistic perspective along with ways to showcase and implement it in my personal and professional life.

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