8 Ways to Grow Your Business Strengths

And Unlock Your Potential


A  productive leader will understand themselves while also recognising the strengths of their team to encourage each of them  to do their best.


Matching the right people to use their gifts and understanding their strengths will help the organisation work together harmoniously


Creating a healthy working environment means your staff will be more efficient and satisfied. This means less staff turnover and a more profitable bottom line.


By being present, open minded and calm, new ideas will emerge that have the potential to take you and your company in new and exciting directions, increase productivity  and improve your earnings.



Brave Talks began from the desire to create an engaging and meaningful interview platform for entrepreneurs to share their inspirational stories.  Through these shared stories and thought provoking conversations Ines, Lori and Yvonne were inspired to discover and learn more about their own personal strengths and weaknesses. This led them to become accidental students of the Enneagram - a dynamic personality system.

With their fun and open minded approach, they helped each other tackle and overcome their own unconscious beliefs and reactive habits. Learning the enneagram enabled them grow their self awareness leading them to become stronger communicators and more effective listeners. In lifting each other up, they felt courageous enough to move away from mediocrity and instead pursue what had been alluding them - the experience of living an inspired life.

Brave Talks continues to be a meaningful platform for continuing to share stories. More significantly now , it also provides an educational pathway for encouraging and supporting the personal development and growth of individuals, teams and leaders so they too can become stronger communicators and effective listeners.


Self awareness is crucial to the well-being of any business. Increase self-confidence, unlock your power and improve overall happiness


By being present and aware, you become a better listener which then helps you understand how people see the world

conflict resolution

Free yourself from feeling conflicted by understanding how to communicate your ideas in an open and non-judgemental way


Recognise how to find balance in your life by paying attention to your inner guidance system

Who Are Brave Talks For?

It takes courage to have the conversations that truly matter;

this is where the Brave enter.  


More often than not, instead of staying open to having those difficult conversations, we automatically switch on our defences to protect ourselves. It's these defences that convince us we've done nothing wrong and that everyone else is the problem. We might argue, get angry or just walk away. Yet when we are being honest with ourselves, deep down we sense that our real challenge, is to drop our defences, be open, and communicate clearly. 

This can be difficult for many, and for some almost impossible unless 

we consciously decide to stop our pattern of reacting, and become a 

self-observer of our responses. We each have our own built-in set of clever defence strategies which are often habitual - they sneak up on us before we even realise it. Bringing a high level of awareness to our reactive behaviours is where our inner journey really begins. With the support of our compassionate team, you can be confident that you won't travel alone on this challenging path.

What We Do At Brave Talks

The Brave Talks team is here to thoughtfully navigate you to the source of the tension which holds you up in life. We serve as a safe sounding board - a place where you can gain real insights and clarity about the underlying issues

that have been alluding you.


We offer a warm inviting place to grow your self-awareness through the use of the enneagram system. Building on this increased level of conscious living,

we strengthen your communication skills, which ultimately enhances your relationships with the people who matter to you most.

Why We Need Brave Talks

In essence, Brave Talks are for mastering all of our relationships. The first step on this journey is to grow our self-awareness. With this foundation we can then connect with people for open, purposeful conversation which helps us grow our self-awareness. Greater self-awareness leads to becoming

an engaging communicator and an effective listener. Our ability to clearly communicate is the ingredient that enables us to deeply enhance our relationships.


How We Have Brave Talks

For those wanting to address specific needs, we offer private sessions with a consultant who can talk directly to your issues, and provide personal insights.

For those wanting to improve their understanding of the enneagram, self awareness, communication and relationships, we offer group presentations

at our dynamic space in central Warkworth.


Accidental Students of the Enneagram

Lori Satterthwaite | Yvonne Letton | Ines Curin 

We discovered each other by chance. A mutual friend invited us over for coffee, cake and idle conversation. After  that initial meeting we just kept catching up, and our connection grew stronger as we shared our personal business stories. There was a strong desire to stay together and discover more about ourselves and each other, and through these conversations is how Brave Talks emerged.  


The initial vision for Brave Talks was to design a platform where business owners could share their real stories through video interviews. But before we could ask others to have meaningful conversations, first we needed to be brave and share our own stories. It was challenging to talk about ourselves, and to see and hear ourselves on video was even more confronting! Luckily we were doing this together, so our casual coffee conversations soon became real Brave Talks as we helped each other to find out what we really wanted to experience in our lives. 


Finding The Golden Map 

Brave Talks taught us that we knew nothing. We started out with a calling to help others, but instead we realised that what we really needed first, was to claim our own inner strength. Each one of us sensed that there was something more to life, but because life was always so busy, we hadn't taken the time to figure out what that might be. We found the Brave Talks journey gave us the space and freedom to tune into what we were searching for - a life filled with fun, happiness and joy.


Part of understanding who were were required us to look closely at how we communicated with each other,  why we reacted  the way we did to certain situations and to recognise the feelings that triggered us in our daily lives. This is when we found the Enneagram, and this set in motion a profoundly life changing journey towards self discovery. When we learnt about the enneagram, everything became more fun!


On this adventure we uncovered the golden map to the secret of understanding what really makes people tick. Learning more about ourselves provided us with a renewed excitement to start living from our natural strengths.