Yvonne has created Brave Talks as a warm and inviting place for people to connect and share in their personal growth journeys. She brings with her an inquisitive nature, and a genuine desire to live a peaceful and compassionate life.



Lori loves using personal growth tools for promoting and inspiring her creative flow of ideas. As a Brave Talks Co-Founder, Lori specialises in Workshops on Authentic Self-Expression and Emotional Balance.



Yvonne & Lori


Students Of Life

When we first began our own Brave Talks journey, having meaningful conversations evoked a big melting pot of feelings. Both of us were coming at life from a different direction. We didn't really know what kind of journey we were on, but driven by curiosity, humility and empathy, we intuitively sensed that this was something we had long been searching for.


It wasn't always easy. There were many times when we wanted to run - to "jump off this bus!" and go back to what was familiar - but leaving would feel like failure. More than anything else our underlying desire was to live a happy and exciting life. We knew that if we were going to make this happen, it meant staying on this path and facing our biggest challenges.


Through our shared experience of exploring the depths of our own self-knowledge, this set in motion a profoundly life changing journey of self discovery. We uncovered the golden map that revealed the secret to understanding what really makes our heart and soul feel alive. Becoming deeply connected with ourselves, provided the strength and excitement we were seeking to start living our lives to the fullest.

These conversations are still going today because as much as we believed them to be of personal value, we came to understand that they are meant for more than just ourselves. These conversations are meant for you and everyone else who has arrived here. For our questions are your questions too. We want you to begin your Brave Talks journey as soon as you can, because what's really important here is not our story, but yours. It is your life story which brought you here. It is your personal experience that is relevant. Otherwise you would not be here, with us, right now.

So lets' begin our own conversation, and uncover the answers to the questions you have been asking.

We truly look forward to connecting with you,

Yvonne, Lori

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"The personality can not tolerate almost anything, whereas the spirit can embrace everything